Krasnaya Polyana supports the principles of responsible gambling

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Dmitry Anfinogenov, Development Director of the Krasnaya Polyana gambling and entertainment zone, spoke about what the gambling business in Russia can offer and how many gambling addicts are among the visitors of their casinos.

Anfinogenov said that casino employees rarely encounter gambling addiction. However, Krasnaya Polyana adheres to the principles of responsible gaming, and in some cases, if casino managers notice signs of addiction in someone, they restrict the player’s access to a gambling establishment: Casinos have become similar to those that we see in films. Our gambling zone offers tourists a kind of recreation, in which it is not necessary to visit the casino at all. Guests can attend concerts, performances or restaurants. Dmitry Anfinogenov also noted an increase in the number of visitors to this gambling and entertainment zone. Last year, the facility was visited by 570 thousand people, which is 62% more than in 2017: We attracted not only those guests who had previously visited our gambling zone, but we also invited new ones to us. Krasnaya Polyana is open to everyone. Also, a representative of Krasnaya Polyana said that investors from India and China may appear in the gambling zone in the near future. Anfinogenov believes that international cooperation will be able to turn the city of Sochi into one of the most attractive places for foreign tourists: Foreign companies, for example, from China, will invite their players to us, while we will adapt our establishments for this market and will take into account the needs of the Chinese tourist.

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