Kuban authorities promised to solve the issue of employment of Azov-City employees

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One of the operating enterprises in the territory of the closing gambling zone “Azov-City” announced the dismissal of employees. “Royal Time” handed over a statement that it was laying off 424 employees, 349 of them are residents of the Kuban.

The authorities of the Krasnodar Territory report that after the liquidation of Azov-City, more than 2 thousand people will remain without work here. For example, more than a hundred vacancies are open in the Shcherbinovsky district, but the region mostly needs teachers and medical workers. But, despite this, the employment centers of the Krasnodar Territory were instructed to conduct the necessary consultations for all former employees of the gambling zone from next year. In turn, the owner of Shambhala, Maxim Smolentsev, said that he sees no point in notifying job centers, since there are no vacancies in the gambling industry in this region: We will fully fulfill our obligations to employees. I want to say right away that some employees will continue to work at the same place, since this property also needs to be maintained. In addition, Murat Dudarev, deputy chairman of OPORA Rossii KCO, said that the closure of the gambling and entertainment zone would have an extremely negative impact on the region: the closure of such an object would force many investors to be more careful in choosing a place for their investments. But the Ministry of Finance reported that after the liquidation of this object, revenues to the Kuban budget from the gambling business will fall by almost 33% next year. Recall that the authorities of Yalta signed a decree on the return of a plot of land in Katsiveli to the state property of the republic. According to the decision of the administration, it is in this village that the gambling and entertainment zone will be implemented.

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