Land-based casinos in Asia have lost more than half of their revenue due to the pandemic

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Analysts from By The Numb3rs conducted a study of the performance of land-based casinos in the main gambling centers in Asia. The most affected by the pandemic were gambling establishments in the Philippines. According to the study, casinos in countries where the income of land-based gambling establishments is directly related to the flow of foreign tourists suffered the most. That is, where gambling legislation prohibits or significantly limits the participation of the local population in gambling. Thus, the sector of land-based casinos in the Philippines lost 90% of its gross income. In Macau and Singapore, dependent on the influx of Chinese gamblers, casino revenues fell by 75% and 79% respectively. Cambodia and Malaysia’s casino revenues fell least of all, by just over half. At the end of 2020, the income of Cambodian casinos decreased by 50%, and Malaysian – by 56%. However, experts give optimistic forecasts for a quick recovery in the industry, guided by the pace of vaccination of the population and the easing of restrictive measures. This is confirmed by a significant increase in operator revenues in the first months of 2021. As previously reported, an analysis of the activities of the Macau casino in February 2021 showed an income of more than one billion dollars.

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