Latvian gambling operators are urging the authorities to take a closer look at the problem of gambling addiction among the population

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As it became known, in Latvia, the organization LSBA – the association of gambling operators calls on the Ministry of Health of the republic to start a large-scale study of the problem of gambling addiction among the population ahead of schedule for 2024.

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The Latvian Gaming Association believes that this should be done already in the future 2022. Such a study will allow operators to conduct stable, properly organized work. The introduced restrictions must clearly comply with the norms. Once again, the positive practice of the introduced “Register of the Self-Excluded” was noted. Properly organized measures can not only protect people prone to gambling addiction, but also enable regulatory authorities to closely monitor the social situation and take the necessary new measures in time. Recall that at the end of June 2021, the Latvian authorities announced their intention to introduce new restrictions on the operation of land-based casinos and slot machine halls. The My Lucky Story edition also informed its readers that the Latvian government has allocated a significant amount to support land-based casinos in the republic.

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