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The championship is always honorable, and in our current case, it is also very profitable. We bring to your attention a list of the wealthiest poker players. This gambling game can be considered international for a long time, and its best participants become a kind of legends and make their names in history.

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I would like to note that in poker your status, country of residence or age is not at all important, unless of course it corresponds to the legal framework. In this game, mindset, stubbornness, preparation and of course a little luck are important. For those people whom we will talk about today, Fortune smiles often and quite widely. This rating includes players whose capital earned from playing poker has exceeded the threshold of 75 million in dollar terms. We will learn about their most high-profile victories and a little about themselves. Dan Bilzerian – over $200 million In the first place of today’s top is the famous Dan Bilzerian – a bright player and Instagram star. A real American celebrity with Armenian roots, who, by the way, became a citizen of Armenia in 2018, having received citizenship in his historical homeland. Not all of his fortune comes from winnings, but today he is the richest poker player.
Poker fees – more than 200 million US dollars, in his own words. It is believed that it was 2014 that was successful for him – Some of his colleagues tend to consider this figure exaggerated. Since he received a very large inheritance from his wealthy parents. Always charismatic and prefers to play at the highest stakes. He plays not only in the casino, but also in the cinema. Phil Ivey – Over $100 Million Second on the list is Phil Ivey, nicknamed the “Tiger Woods of Poker”. This is a professional poker player, he has ten bracelets of the WSOP world tournament – World Series Of Poker (only Phil Hellmuth had more), the first place of the World Tour – WPT and nine appearances in the final – which is a record.
Earned more than a hundred million dollars during his poker career. Ivey became interested in poker almost from childhood, the first time he got acquainted with this game, being an eight-year-old boy. Over the years, the love of poker has only grown. One day, he used a fake ID to get into a casino, but was caught. His record prize money was $250,000 in 2014 at the Aussie Millions LK Boutique AU. Successfully plays live tournaments and online poker. Ishan “Sam” Farha – $100 million Better known as Sam Farha or by his nickname Mister Cool is another pro on our list in third place. His main achievement is second place in the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2013. Mr. Farh has three WSOP bracelets in his piggy bank. A native of Lebanese Beirut, he is rightfully recognized as one of the best players in the Middle East.
He has won three WSOP bracelets during his career. But the immigrant started with very small rates. He earned his biggest cash prize of over $488,000 in 2010 in the $10,000 Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better Championship at the World Series of Poker. Sam Farh’s total income from playing poker today is approximately $100 million. Chris Ferguson – over $80 million Californian Chris Ferguson, nicknamed “Jesus”, which he received because of his long hair and beard, is ranked fourth in today’s list of the richest poker players. His father introduced him to this game, according to Chris himself – this became their common entertainment and influenced the further success of Ferguson Jr. already at a professional level.
One of this player’s most notable wins was the $1.5 million cash prize at the 2000 WSOP Main Event. The amount does not seem exorbitant in comparison with today’s prizes, but we note that Ferguson participated in more than 90 tournaments and received impressive fees. According to analysts, to date, the total bank of Chris Ferguson is more than 80 million US dollars. A dark spot on the reputation and a point in the player’s career was the situation when he was accused of participating in a financial pyramid – a fraudulent “Ponzi Scheme” on one of the most famous poker sites Full Tilt Poker, which was closed in 2011 by the authorities after this scandal, we note, that the site’s owners and management swindled users out of $444 million. Doyle Brunson – 75 million and the Poker Hall of Fame On the fifth, but very honorable place is the name of the real poker legend – Doyle Brunson. The first thing I want to say about him is that he is the oldest member of the Poker Hall of Fame and has been included in this cherished list since 1988, we note that his son Todd also entered the Poker Hall of Fame in October 2016. Doyle was born in rural Texas in a poor family in the small town of Longworth, but thanks to perseverance and physical data, he went to college and decided to build a sports career in basketball. Sports did not become his calling, due to a complex leg injury that awarded him a cane for life.
Doyle was one of the first to play poker for high stakes, helping to take the game to a whole new level. It should be noted that in 1976 he managed the incredible – Mr. Brunson beat a strong opponent Jess Alto with a ten and a deuce of spades in his hand, and did the same with Gary Burland the following year. Now the combination of 10 and 2 is called “Brunson’s Hand”. Note that the total amount of his winnings in poker is 75 million dollars. One of Doyle’s nicknames in the poker world is “Big Papa” in English – big daddy, and this is not only because of his tall height and honorable age. He has been playing poker for over 60 years and has written and published Super System, considered by many to be one of the best books on poker. Doyle Brunson has 10 WSOP gold bracelets, like the aforementioned Phil Ivey, and two bright victories in the main tournament, and even winning once at this level of competition, for 90 percent of those who wish, will remain a pipe dream. Summing up, we note once again what different people with different destinies and different paths can get into the list of the richest favorites of capricious Fortune. Someone got a big inheritance and a good platform for a breakthrough, and someone who got injured, loses his dream and career in the NBA, but achieves stunning success in a completely different direction. The history of not only poker, but also gambling in general, is full of records and curiosities, strange bets and legendary players. Those who lost all their money at the casino table, but also those who have become a real legend. Since the day of the first poker tournament, the history of the game has been changing and filled with new events and names.

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