Lithuanian security forces detained the head of the National Gambling Association Samoylas Katsas

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In Lithuania, law enforcement officers detained the owner of the Tete-A-Tete casino network and the head of the National Association of Gambling and Gambling Samoylas Katsas. It is suspected of bribery and trade in influence, the Lithuanian Special Investigation Service said. According to information that has become public, Katsas is a defendant in a criminal case on corruption, but there is no information yet on what exactly the businessman is involved in. It is known that the criminal case is about an attempt to bribe the deputy of the Seimas Matas Maldeikis. He was offered 50,000 euros by an assistant to another deputy of the Seimas, Mindaugas Puidokas. The money was a “thank you” for Maldeikis personally supporting the initiative to suspend for an indefinite period the adoption of amendments to the gambling tax law and convincing other members of the Lithuanian parliament to do the same. As My Lucky Story reported, the sports director of the Italian FC Lazio is suspected of being a co-owner of a bookmaker. Earlier it became known that the coach of another Italian football club – Juventus – is charged with laundering money obtained by criminal means through the sports betting system. Recall that the Russian tennis player Yana Suzikova was detained by French law enforcement officers due to suspicion of participating in a fixed match at the Roland Garros tournament.

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