Lottery from Kazakhstan will transfer 700 million tenge to support sports in 2019

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The national lottery Satty Zhuldyz from Kazakhstan promised to transfer about 700 million tenge to the development of sports in the country next year.

Lottery Satty Zhuldyz transfers 15% of the profits from the sale of lottery tickets to the National Olympic Committee fund. And as stated in the lottery company itself, they have already managed to transfer about 50 million tenge to the committee: the Ministry of Culture and Sports, choosing a new national lottery operator, demanded that 10% of the profits be transferred to support sports in the country. However, after the launch of new games, Satty Zhuldyz decided to transfer 15% to the committee. We hope these funds will help our athletes conquer new heights. Recall that in the Republic of Belarus announced the launch of a new instant lottery called “Eurogame”, this was reported in the Ministry of Sports and Tourism. The Eurogame instant lottery was launched in Belarus in order to attract additional profit, which will be directed to the development of culture and sports, including the Olympic and Paralympic movement.

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