Lottery “Russian Lotto” raffled 1 billion rubles

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The lottery company “Russian Lotto” raffled one billion rubles in 2019. Two residents of the Russian Federation became the owners of the main jackpot at once. Representatives of the lottery company said that the owners of the winning tickets will receive 500 million rubles each.

The organizers of the lottery said that two winning tickets were purchased by players from the Sverdlovsk region and St. Petersburg. The total prize fund of this draw amounted to two billion rubles. In addition, the company also said that another 150 lottery tickets won one million rubles each, and 12 tickets – 833 thousand rubles each. Representatives of the lottery also reminded that the winners who received more than four thousand rubles during the drawing are required to pay a tax (13%) and submit a special declaration. But the most famous lottery winner was a pensioner from the Voronezh region. In 2017, she hit the jackpot of 505 million rubles. Recall that in the Republic of Belarus announced the launch of a new instant lottery called “Eurogame”, this was reported in the Ministry of Sports and Tourism.

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