Maine tries to legalize betting again

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Maine legislators made a second attempt to legalize betting in the state. The first failed at the finish line: the sports betting bill passed by the people’s deputies was vetoed by the governor in 2020. And now it has become known about a new draft law submitted to the Senate of Maine. According to this document, betting will be regulated by the State Department of Public Safety; bets can be made by players from 21 years old. In addition, racetracks, bookmakers, slot machine operators, casinos and Indian tribal structures will be able to accept sports bets. One organization will be issued only one betting license, the cost of which is 20 thousand dollars. A legal betting operator will have to pay a tax: 10% on income received at land-based betting shops, 16% on income received through a mobile application. According to My Lucky Story, the legalization of gambling in Georgia has been delayed due to state lawmakers. Earlier it was reported that in Nebraska, where local residents have approved the introduction of gambling, the rules for gambling are being drawn up. Recall that Alabama senators remain adamant and refuse to legalize gambling in the state.

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