MMA fighter Conor McGregor will take part in the online conference PM GO 5.0 BRIEFING

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Entrepreneurs, athletes and experts will come together at the open conference PM GO 5.0 BRIEFING: In Touch with the Future. The event will take place on April 24 in an online format. Participants will discuss global trends and share their vision of the current world situation. The conference will be attended by Conor McGregor (one of the most famous UFC athletes, mixed martial arts legend), Daniel Susskind (ex-adviser to the British government and teacher at Oxford University), Sergey Portnov (CEO of Parimatch), Grigory Bakunov (Director of technology dissemination at Yandex) , as well as other experts and recognized leaders in the business industry. At the online conference, participants will discuss how to do business in an era of crisis and the role of technology in the modern context. How to avoid mass layoffs and bankruptcy? Which directions to close, and which ones to focus on? What role should high technology play in entrepreneurship? These and other questions are on the agenda of PM GO 5.0 BRIEFING: In Touch with the Future, which will be an important step in creating an open platform with business and technology expertise. The event will be relevant to entrepreneurs, top managers, marketers, IT and HR specialists and everyone who is somehow connected with the mentioned topics. The conference is free: anyone can take part by pre-registration at The broadcast will be available on Youtube. The event is scheduled to start at 15:00 Moscow time, and access to the broadcast is open regardless of geography. More information is on the Facebook event page. Participants: Conor McGregor is one of the most famous athletes of our time, a legendary UFC fighter, founder and owner of his own whiskey brand. Daniel Susskind is an economist, former adviser to the UK government, lecturer at Oxford University, and co-author of the bestseller The Future of the Professions. Sergey Portnov – CEO of the international holding Parimatch. Transformed a betting company into an advanced technology company and an established international brand. Grigory Bakunov – Director of Technology Diffusion at Yandex — technological innovation guru, investor, founder of a popular podcast about Internet technologies. Sergey Glamazda, general manager of, the most titled club in the CIS. Alexander ZeroGravity Kokhanovsky, former professional esports player, founder of Natus Vincere (Na’Vi), co-founder of the ESForce holding, the third largest esports project in the world. Dmitry Dubilet – Co-founder of Monobank, Koto, Smartass. Behind him are three successful businesses and work in senior positions in leading companies. Dmitry Pinchuk is the Marketing Director at Socialpoint, a recognized leader in mobile gaming based in Barcelona. Previously, Dmitry led the marketing department at Casino PokerStars and headed Global PR&Marketing at WARGAMING for three years. ChristianDuka – Head of Partnerships, A lot others.
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