Moscow announces a decrease in the number of bookmakers

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Last year, the total number of betting outlets in Moscow decreased by 59. So, at the beginning of 2018, 535 bookmakers offered their services in the Russian capital, and by the end of last year, this number had sharply decreased to 476.

The Department of Regional Security of Moscow said that bookmakers began to leave the capital’s market, which used the license of the Federal Tax Service and offered gambling prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation in their establishments. In January and February of this year, representatives of the department carried out a scheduled inspection of all metropolitan establishments where bookmakers used to offer their services. After this check, it became known that various social infrastructure facilities, such as cafes, restaurants, shops, and hairdressers, began to actively open on the site of the former gambling clubs. Also, according to the information provided, the total amount of tax deductions received from the capital’s gambling business owners last year amounted to about 322 million rubles. Recall that the government of the Russian Federation has begun considering a draft law on creating a complete list of events on which bookmakers will be able to accept bets.

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