Nevada gambling business suffers losses

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Income gambling in the state of Nevada (USA) in February fell by 25.93% and amounted to 772 million dollars, according to the financial report of the State Gaming Commission. According to a document from The Nevada Gaming Control Board, gaming revenue was compared to February 2020 figures. At the same time, during the COVID-19 pandemic, revenue was the highest since October last year. The income structure for February 2021 is dominated by profit from slot machines – $530 million (decreased by 18.2%). In total, the turnover of bets amounted to 8.15 billion dollars. In second place in terms of profitability is casino table games with $241.6 million, but this segment also recorded a drop of 38.7% compared to last year. Blackjack players brought the casino 68.1 million dollars, baccarat – 51 million. The reduction in income was 34.7% and 56.3%, respectively. $31.8 million in revenue came from sports betting (down 16.3% compared to the same period in 2020). Of these, online bets amounted to 10.2 million. In total, players in this segment made bets worth $553.8 million. As My Lucky Story previously reported, analysts have registered a drop in revenue from casinos in the main gambling centers in Asia. During the pandemic, establishments in the Philippines, where income is associated with the flow of foreign tourists, were most affected. Thus, the sector of land-based casinos in this country lost 90% of its gross income. At the same time, in Europe, there is an increase in the income of online casino operators. In February 2021, the revenue of businessmen amounted to 143 million euros, which is 83% more than the same period last year. Visitors made 29 million bets, which is 50% more than last year.

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