New gambling house in Dara Sakor to open in April

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The opening of a new casino in the Cambodian city of Dara Sakor has been postponed. This is due, according to the operator of the gambling establishment Century Entertainment International Holdings Limited, with another outbreak of coronavirus in this country. The company was previously forced to postpone the start of the gambling house from February to March this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The casino (which, as it turned out, is not yet fully ready to receive customers) will open its doors to guests in April, Century Entertainment International Holdings Limited shared its plans. As My Lucky Story reported, the opening of a casino in the Skyline Event Center (Tulsa, Oklahoma) is scheduled for April. Visitors to this institution are promised various measures that will ensure sanitary safety. Earlier it became known that in Uruguay, due to the difficult situation with the coronavirus infection, casinos were closed at the request of the country’s authorities. Recall that the work of gambling houses in Manila was also stopped. This is due, local officials explained, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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