New ways to protect Ukrainians from gambling addiction

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In one of his interviews, Anton Kuchukhidze, the current head of the UGC – All-Ukrainian Gambling Council, discussed a number of important points of the law on the protection of Ukrainian citizens from gambling addiction. Highlighting the important link between the legalization of the industry and the protection of the inhabitants of the country.

The expert emphasized the fact that today there are already special norms and acts that protect unprotected citizens from gambling addiction. It was about creating a register, so to speak, of problem players. A ban on participation in gambling can be obtained as a citizen himself, by contacting the appropriate authority, his legal representative or any of his family members. Once again, a parallel was drawn with the successful opposition to the gambling addiction of British colleagues. Their model has been able to curb the growth of gambling addiction for the past two decades. In 2021, the UK authorities managed to allocate more than one hundred million pounds to fight gambling addiction. My Lucky Story previously reported that Britons will only be able to buy National Lottery tickets when they reach the age of eighteen. It should also be noted that the UK authorities are planning to establish a single amount of payment from gambling operators to combat gambling addiction.

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