Nigerian authorities investigate lack of payments from gambling companies

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Nigerian authorities are investigating the possible refusal of gambling operators to pay taxes and fees. The top leadership of this country believes that the budget loses hundreds of billions of naira (Nigerian monetary units) from gambling companies every year. At the same time, the operators claim, according to representatives of the Nigerian authorities, that they pay a lot of money to the government of the country: for example, the Bet Naija company announced the payment of 18 billion naira over the past three months. However, it is not clear where the money went then, so it is necessary to find out what happened to them, high-ranking Nigerian officials noted. As My Lucky Story wrote, the Dutch authorities continue to fight against illegal gambling establishments. In particular, illegal casinos in Venlo were revealed. As reported, in Northern Ireland begins to change the legislation on gambling. Recall that due to changes in gambling legislation by the New York state authorities, the operator Bovada announced the termination of work in this region of the United States.

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