Northern Ireland is on the cusp of gambling law reform

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The government of Northern Ireland announced its readiness to change the gambling laws in the country. The authorities said that this reform will be two-stage and that the draft changes to the laws will be submitted to the Parliament of Northern Ireland in the near future. The reform is due to the fact that gambling legislation has not changed in the country for 35 years and it no longer meets the modern world, does not correspond to developing industry and technology, the government of Northern Ireland explained. Specific changes to the first phase, which will begin soon, have not been announced. But it is known that they will affect indoor gambling (including the protection of children and youth), easing restrictions on the operation of gambling establishments, the introduction of new offenses and fees from gambling operators, expanding the definition of fraud, the operation of gambling establishments on certain days of the week and calendar . The second stage will be long, its terms have not yet been announced, it will affect online gambling and slot machines. As My Lucky Story reported, a law has been passed in Russia regarding the work of the Unified Gambling Regulator and targeted deductions from gambling operators. Earlier it became known that in Nebraska they are waiting for the state governor to sign a law on the legalization of rates. Recall that in Maryland the governor did what gamblers expected from him.

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