Norwegian Regulator Prepares Sanctions for SEOButle

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It became known that Lotteritilsynet, the national Norwegian regulator for gambling and lotteries, is preparing penalties for SEOButler for advertising materials on its Internet resources of banned operators. The amount of the fine is indicated – it will be about two hundred euros per day. The company violating the law already received appropriate warnings from the supervisory commission back in December last 2020. In March of this year, SEOButler was repeatedly warned of imminent fines in case of not stopping the promotion of shadow gambling. The company, in turn, replied that the sites were blocked for all IP addresses registered in Norway, but the April check still found four available resources under the Norwegian domain “”. Now the regulator is preparing penalties. My Lucky Story regularly covers events related to the fight against illegal gambling in many countries around the world. The authorities are trying not only to bring market participants to an honest – legal level, but also to protect users from the harmful effects of gambling. In Armenia, for example, the parliament has tightened the legislation on gambling advertising, while in Britain they are planning to completely remove gambling advertising in the daytime.

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