On the example of one of the football matches, experts calculated the amount of advertising bookmaker

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According to an analysis by British analysts conducted as part of the fight against gambling addiction, at a single match between two English football teams, the logo of the betting company was shown to those present more than seven hundred times.

In the winter of this year, a match of the English Premier League was held, in which Wolverhampton and Newcastle met, and during the television broadcast of the meeting, an advertisement of one of the betting companies “flashed” in front of the viewers according to the principle – a lot is not enough – “six times in a minute” with experts’ words. The bookmaker’s logo was placed not only on the advertising space of the stadium, but also on the equipment of the players and staff of both clubs. Let us note the fact that Great Britain is a leader in confronting such an ailment of society as gambling addiction or gambling addiction. The country’s authorities keep statistics of “sick” and allocate large sums of money for their treatment every year. The British government regularly introduces new restrictions and rules for the promotion of gambling in the country, as an example – a ban on advertising on television during the daytime.

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