One of the most recognizable casino hotels in the world “Luxor Hotel” – what’s inside the black pyramid

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The Luxor Casino Hotel, located in the southern part of the world’s entertainment capital Las Vegas, is known all over the world and even to those who have never played gambling. The thirty-story Egyptian pyramid, trimmed with black glass, simply cannot go unnoticed or deprived of attention.

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The building was opened for the first visitors in 1993, the owners invested both soul and finances in the project, we note that it was built in just a couple of years, and most of the time was spent on the architectural development of the object. In addition to the unusual design, the casino-hotel conquered everyone with its “Heavenly Beam”, but we will talk about it a little later. The loud opening was attended by more than ten thousand guests, who were met by the majestic Sphinx. This building has become, in the truest sense of the word, the favorite actor of American cinema, you could see the black pyramid of Luxor in many films. Today it is one of the most famous hotels in the world and a real visiting card of the state of Nevada, which occupies a leading position in the list of gambling entertainment facilities. In the evening and at night, this casino can be seen from anywhere in Las Vegas, and its surroundings – from the highest point of the building a beam of unimaginable brightness is directed into the sky – almost forty xenon lamps are concentrated in it, each of which has a power of 7000 watt! Luxor’s “skybeam” is on the list of the brightest artificial light sources.
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Inside the hotel, everything is designed and created for the pleasure and good mood of the guests. And for the most sophisticated and reckless, Luxor Hotel opens its own luxurious casino with a very wide range of games and entertainment that matches the tastes of any of the guests or clients. There are more than sixty tables with card games, roulette, baccarat, dice and so on. Several thousand slot machines are located in the casino premises, bringing their fans not only vivid emotions, but also big winnings. This place is especially distinguished by those who like to play live poker, for example, Texas Hold’em and blackjack.
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The croupier and the casino work non-stop, the game goes on here around the clock without interruption for weekends or other pauses. No wonder they say that time stops in Vegas casinos. And for those who like to bet, the Race&Sports Book club was provided, where the bettor can bet on any sporting event taking place anywhere in the world. The hall is also equipped with large screens for watching these events – be it curling, baseball, hockey or horse racing. Every day, casino employees conduct poker, blackjack or roulette lessons for gambling guests – it all depends on the guest and his desires. Poker halls in Luxor become a platform for tournaments of various levels, and events for high rollers are also held here – that is, games with very large stakes. On the territory of the casino, staff and guests comply with the rules of the Gambling Association of America – AGA or American Gaming Association. In addition to gambling, guests can enjoy gourmet bars and restaurants, nightclubs and conference rooms, personal safes and four golf courses. Bright shows, performances and performances by artists and musicians are held daily in Luxor. On the territory of the complex operates the “Theater of the Pharaoh” on the banks of the river – symbolizing the Nile. In the spacious corridors of the casino there are statues of ancient Egyptian pharaohs, guests can see an exact copy of the found tomb of Tutankhamen himself, and in it are reproductions of all the treasures from his tomb.
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You can also visit the very interesting expositions of the museum dedicated to the infamous Titanic, which contains artifacts and memorabilia from the ocean floor at the site of the liner’s accident. The format of the excursions is a separate chapter – at the entrance you will be given a ticket in the name of the real passenger of the ship, they will lead you past the particles of his history, and at the end they will tell you what happened to this person, whose name and surname are indicated on the ticket. So the Luxor Casino in Las Vegas is rightfully considered one of the best and most interesting places for recreation and entertainment, and if you have such an opportunity – be sure to visit it – play roulette, ask the Sphinx for a riddle and look at the bright light of the “Heavenly Beam”, bursting from the very top of this black pyramid.

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