Online casino vs land-based gaming clubs: which is more profitable?

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Advantages of virtual games Why entrepreneurs invest in online business The main advantages of online casinos Since its inception (about 15 years ago), the online gambling industry has been demonstrating tremendous growth. Virtual games are becoming more popular than land-based establishments, and the trend is only getting stronger. This is evidenced by statistics and forecasts: 42.6% – the share of mobile gambling in 2020 (according to H2 Gambling Capital); 5.7% – annual growth of the global online market from 2016 to 2022 (according to the forecast of the Worldwide Gambling Market); 1 trillion dollars – the volume of virtual bets by 2022 (according to the results of a study by the Juniper Research center); 684 million gamblers – the number of online players in 2022 (according to the report of the British laboratory Juniper Research); 37 billion euros is the projected turnover of the mobile iGaming market in 2023 (according to statistics from the iGB research center). Benefits of virtual games The virtual gambling industry has become popular due to the following features: Accessibility To participate in an online game, you do not need to adjust to the opening hours of the institution or think about the dress code. Online platforms accept gamblers 24/7. In addition, you can play anywhere: on the way to work, during a trip on vacation or at home on your favorite couch. Assortment of entertainment If a land-based institution can offer a gambler up to a hundred slot machines and dozens of card tables, then an online casino wins significantly in terms of content. Users of virtual platforms have access to: fruit and plot slots; skill games; arcades; card and desktop emulators; live content and more. These can be traditional solutions and their various variations (for example, a combination of roulette and dice or three-hand hold’em). Remote play has a number of unique technical features: Simultaneous play. Users can run multiple sessions at the same time in different browser windows or on two monitors. Free session. Not a single land-based institution allows customers to play for free, while in an online casino you can “try out” dozens and hundreds of slots without the slightest risk of losing money or having to register. Game time. There are no clocks in any of the physical vending machines. This is done on purpose so that customers lose track of time. In the online industry, a different approach is practiced: a number of manufacturers, such as Greentube, release lines of slots with a clock icon. This is necessary so that the user can control the duration of the session and feel more relaxed. Customization. Any online content can be customized to your preferences: from betting limits to the color of the cloth on the card table. Rules. Gamblers have access to detailed instructions, plus slots are often equipped with a hint line at the bottom of the playing field. Bid history. The user can view the technical parameters of the machine and detailed statistics on previous draws. Picture quality. Thanks to innovative HTML5 technologies, the visual design of online slots remains on top, regardless of screen resolution or Internet speed. Bonuses and Jackpots Only in online casinos can gamblers play for real money without personal investment. Not a single land-based institution offers its customers welcome bonuses, while the virtual sector gives its users: money for registration; prizes for the first replenishment of the deposit; rewards for participating in a certain game; personalized bonuses (seasonal promotions, awards dedicated to a specific date); cash rewards for activity on the site; bonuses for attracting new gamblers. We should also consider the jackpot system. In casino slots, a fixed cash prize is set, plus you can try your luck in drawing progressive jackpots (the amount accumulates from burnt bets in several machines of the network at once and is played randomly at any time). Additionally, there is a system of rewards for participation and victory in tournament competitions. Online casino security In a physical business, security systems are “tied” only to the human factor: video surveillance, security service, checkpoints. Online casino security is built on the principle of machine learning and requires only initial manual configuration. All further work is automated and excludes illegal actions on the part of both users and site personnel. The system is designed to solve the following tasks: protection against fraud and cyber attacks; preventing logins using malicious software; storage of user and commercial information; preventing intellectual property theft; fight against money laundering; blocking users with a negative reputation; control of the actions of the players; optimization of work with the VIP segment; assessing the solvency of gamblers and checking credit history; fixing anomalous behavior (logging into an account from several devices, changing geolocation parameters, attempts to exceed limits); monitoring the work of platform personnel. Multicurrency A physical location can accept up to three to five types of fiat currencies (depending on the region where services are distributed). Online casinos are not limited in this regard and are ready to offer customers the most popular and demanded services without geo-referencing: bank transfers; electronic systems and wallets; lending on the casino platform; replenishment of the deposit through mobile services, another. Another promising direction is transactions in cryptocurrency. H2 Gambling Capital specialists predict a tremendous growth in the popularity of bitcoin: by the end of 2022, every second online institution in the world will accept electronic money. Why Entrepreneurs Invest in Online Business An Internet startup is one of the most profitable, promising and highly profitable types of entrepreneurial activity. Advantages of launching an online casino Speed ​​of start An investor can open his own business in just a couple of days, for example, using the White Label casino solution. In fact, this is a ready-to-launch product that requires only customization and promotion Payback With the right approach, the gaming platform will pay off before the end of the first year of operation Legality An operator can legally distribute gambling services by purchasing a special gambling license. A number of countries are engaged in business certification: Curacao, Costa Rica, Great Britain, Kahnawake, Alderney, Romania and others Audience coverage Physical business has strict territorial restrictions, while the Internet platform can accept users from different countries Start-up investments Online casino launch costs several times cheaper than opening a physical club or slot machine hall. The operator does not need to spend money on buying or renting real estate, equipment, hiring and training staff The main advantages of online casinos Online casinos are one of the most profitable areas of business. The advantages are obvious: Fast payback. The online platform begins to generate net income by the end of the first year of operation. Minimum initial investment. Starting an Internet business allows you to save on the purchase of physical equipment, organizing a gaming space, hiring and training staff. Maximum security. Online casino security systems exclude errors due to the human factor and prevent unauthorized actions on the part of gamblers and the staff of the institution. Launch speed. You can start your own business in just a couple of days. It can be a platform script, a White Label agreement or a turnkey casino. The Rosloto team is ready to take on organizational issues, technical support and promotion of the project on the international market. We have a large selection of ready-made solutions and exclusive HTML5 content development services. Invest correctly and safely with Rosloto:

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