Only from the age of 18 the British will be able to buy tickets for the national lottery

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UK National Lottery tickets can only be purchased by those over the age of 18. This rule comes into force on April 22 and applies to land-based points of sale and online stores. This was reported in the company Camelot, which is the operator of the lottery. It is assumed that this innovation will affect more than three thousand Internet players in the national lottery. Previously, anyone aged 16 and over could buy lottery tickets. My Lucky Story wrote that back in February 2019, the UK authorities announced the need to introduce a ban on the participation of minors in gambling, including lotteries. As reported, representatives of the British government, which is currently reviewing the national legislation on gambling, have received a proposal to establish a specific amount of target deduction for gambling operators for the prevention and treatment of gambling addiction. Recall that on the eve of the election of the mayor of London, which will be held on May 6, 2021, the current head of the city, Sadiq Khan, promised to ban gambling advertising in the subway.

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