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New Year’s fuss begins long before the main night of the year. Prudent people prepare for the holiday in advance, carefully considering how and with whom to spend New Year’s Eve, and what to give for the New Year to relatives and friends. Knowing about the interests and hobbies of loved ones, it is easy to choose the right gift. We have collected the best ideas for New Year’s surprises for gamblers – from very inexpensive souvenirs to elite sets and collectibles. Talismans and amulets for good luck Jewelry to attract good luck is a budget option for a New Year’s gift for a gambler. The talisman can be made of any material: wood, metal, felt, glass, silver or fabric. Men are given key rings, pendants, bracelets, belts and seals. If the surprise is for a woman, you can also pay attention to earrings, necklaces and hairpins.
Lucky symbols in different cultures include a horseshoe, a four-leaf clover, a three-legged frog, a ladybug, a sailboat, a cat (for example, the Japanese money cat, or Maneki Neko). You should choose a gift based on the nationality of the gambler and the superstitions that he takes seriously. A gambler can also have their own lucky symbol – an animal, plant or object, a number or a letter. The happy image can be used to create a personalized talisman in precious metal, wood or epoxy. Keychains and custom-made jewelry are much more expensive than accessories from the store, but such a gift will exist in a single copy.
Comic options that can cheer up a gambler include special sets for good luck. They may include items that are traditionally associated with attracting fortune: a piece of wood (knock so as not to jinx it), a plate (break it for luck), figurines (rub it for good luck), coins with the same image on both sides, etc. The plus of such gifts is in the original idea and beautiful design, the minus is in impracticality. Clothing and accessories for gamblers Clothing with a thematic print is a more expensive and functional gift for a fan of gambling. These can be T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatshirts and hats, the design of which uses symbols that please the eye of a real gambler – card suits, slot machines, roulette, etc. Often, jokes and quotes are applied to clothes that are understandable only to fans of gambling.
An equally useful accessory will be an anti-stress toy in the original design. For example, the relaxer “Shake your brains” in the form of a human brain. A toy made of elastic material calms the gambler in tense moments, reduces the degree of emotional intensity and helps to focus on winning tactics. And yes, it just makes me smile.
Gamblers who love luxury will love wallets and wallets made of genuine leather. Wallets are decorated with an engraving or a neat logo. Mass-produced wallets with gambling symbols can be bought in online stores for 10-15 dollars, a purse with an individual design will cost 10 times more.
Gamblers obsessed with innovation and high technology will love accessories for mobile devices and computers with their favorite symbols. These can be phone cases, chargers and USB drives. An ordinary flash drive can not only perform its direct function and attract good luck. For example, a drive in the form of a blue bird of happiness, casino chips or banknotes, preferably a dollar or euro.
As a nice bonus, you can download books about gambling on a flash drive. Also, hi-tech addicted gamblers will like paid apps for smartphones that count cards or open access to a VR casino. It is advisable to supplement software for casinos in virtual reality with a VR helmet or glasses. The average price tag of a high-tech gift is $350-500. Gambling sets Gamblers who love land-based casinos will love home gambling sets. A miniature slot machine is a good option for fans of slot machines. The compact device has a hole for dropping coins and a tray for collecting money. Mini roulette is a good New Year’s surprise for gamblers who love this type of gambling entertainment. The gift consists of a playing field with bets, a wheel, a ball and chips. The body of the set is made of plastic, the rest of the elements are made of steel. The gift has many variations, as well as expensive and cheap analogues.
Fans of card games will love poker sets. Budget options from China Games cost $16-$17. The set includes a deck of cards, chips with a face value and a green cloth. Poker accessories are stored in a tin box. More expensive options are sold in leather or metal cases and complemented with dice.
Elite sets from Modiano for $140-160 are sold in wooden storage cases covered with expensive fabric. The set includes plastic cards, embossed chips with a face value and a metal core, dice and a dealer’s chip. Sets are designed for large companies and are suitable for both home free tournaments and real money games.
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