Over 200 million hryvnias were given to Ukraine for gambling licenses

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The interim results of the work of the Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries of Ukraine have been summed up. According to her reports, active work on issuing licenses for gambling operators brought 201.6 million hryvnias to the budget of Ukraine. To date, three online operators and one bookmaker have been licensed. Applications for permits continue to be received by CRAI. Taking into account the fact that the activities of the commission have already paid for themselves – its budget for the entire 2021 amounted to 115,947,200 hryvnias, which is less than half of the “earned” funds, its existence is considered more than profitable. The lion’s share of the profits planned for March (150 million hryvnias are indicated) of the Ukrainian Gambling and Lottery Regulatory Commission are funds received from the sale of licenses to persons owning buildings or premises that will house slot machine halls and land-based casinos. Although at the beginning of March, an application submitted to CRAI for placing a gambling establishment in the Kharkiv Palace Hotel – a five-star hotel in Kharkov, was not approved by the commission. The hotel plans to re-apply for a license.

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