Paraguayan authorities want to introduce new restrictions on the placement of slot machines outside the casino

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According to the Paraguayan media, it became known that in early July 2021, the Senate of the Republic, at an extraordinary meeting, began considering a bill restricting the placement of slot machines outside the casino.

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After the adoption of the bill and its entry into force, it will be completely forbidden to place slot machines outside the casinos and specialized gambling establishments in Paraguay. It should be noted that today slot machines are installed in some completely “non-gambling” public institutions. The document also contains amendments regarding who exactly will control and regulate the legal installation, operation and licensing of slot machines. Thus, the authorities plan to protect the unprotected segments of the population and underage citizens from the influence of gambling. Recall that My Lucky Story previously reported that in the second decade of June 2021, the Chilean authorities began to adopt a bill banning the placement of slot machines outside the casino.

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