Parimatch cannot start work in Ukraine

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The lack of coordination between the state departments of Ukraine does not allow the participants of the gambling market to fully start working. This was stated by the head of the well-known sports betting brand Parimatch Natalia Gilevich. She said that the company received two licenses to operate in Ukraine, but Parimatch has not started work since February this year. The reasons for the delay are the lack of clearly defined conditions for gambling market participants. Namely: there is no clear system in the certification of gambling equipment for gambling and a clear policy in the taxation of this business area. In addition, there are difficulties in conducting financial state monitoring. Gilevich believes that the transparency of the operator’s work system should be finally enshrined in law. As My Lucky Story previously reported, the process of certification of gambling equipment for gambling is delayed in Ukraine. In addition, experts note that the low price of B2B licenses in Ukraine will attract more foreign participants in the gambling market. We add that some analysts were skeptical about the legalization of the gambling business in Ukraine. According to them, too high cost of licenses will lead the industry into a gray area.

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