Pennsylvania authorities lifted the ban on smoking in gambling houses

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Casinos in Pennsylvania have received permission from the state gambling regulator to smoke inside establishments. Officials explained that the ban on smoking in gambling houses in Pennsylvania was directly related to the mandatory requirement to wear protective masks in casinos to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Since the restrictive measures imposed by the authorities have been relaxed, the anti-smoking ban has been lifted. There are 14 gambling houses in this state. Pennsylvania law prohibits smoking in public places, except for casinos, where smoking is allowed in 50% of the gambling halls. My Lucky Story wrote that Nevada activists launched the fight against smoking in casinos. They demanded that the state authorities permanently ban smoking in gambling houses in Atlantic City. As reported, the South African authorities closed all casinos until July 11, 2021 due to the worsening situation with the coronavirus in the country. Recall that anti-coronavirus restrictions on the work of gambling houses have been lifted in Massachusetts.

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