Personnel changes have taken place in the Finnish operator Veikkaus

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Lena Vainiomäki has been appointed Deputy Chairman of the Board of Veikkaus, Finland’s national betting and lottery operator. Before moving there, she worked in banks, including those associated with Russia. At the same time, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo will act as the Chairman of the Management Board of the operator, while Christian Söderkreuz, Pekka Hurtola, Anna Larilahti, Juha Pantsar and Hanna Sivinen will be members of the Management Board of Veikkaus. Jukka Gustafsson and Jani Mäkelä have taken over the positions of Veikkaus Supervisory Board Chairman and Deputy Chairman respectively. Veikkaus is owned by the Finnish authorities, administered by the Finnish Ministry of Education, and has an exclusive license for lotteries and sports betting in Finland. Earlier it became known about the dismissal of the Executive Director of the UK Gambling Commission Nick MacArthur. He leaves the organization, according to official information, of his own free will. As reported, the deputy head of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, who defended the legalization of gambling in the country, was dismissed. We also recall the dismissal of David Orrick, who was the director of communications and business development, from Novomatic, a developer and supplier of gambling technologies for entertainment establishments.

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