Peruvian land-based casinos will be able to host more guests

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Information about the easing of restrictive measures for land-based casinos in Peru appeared in mid-March of the current 2021 year. Since the 15th, almost 400 gambling establishments have returned to their work schedule. Precautions and a changed format – the capacity was not to exceed twenty percent, sanitary standards developed by the authorities were introduced for staff and guests – more precisely, the Ministry of Health, together with the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru. And starting from May 10, a new regulation came into force, increasing the allowable casino occupancy from 20 to 30 percent. This also applies to other entertainment facilities – such as concert and sports venues, cinemas and cultural facilities. Recall that earlier My Lucky Story informed readers that at the end of February this year, a protest rally was repeated in Lima, the capital of Peru, casino workers demanded to be allowed to return to their activities. In March, the Peruvian authorities lifted restrictions and allowed gambling houses to open, observing all quarantine regulations.

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