Players in Illinois must personally register at betting shops

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Illinois has resumed in-person betting registrations that were frozen in 2020. Instead, there was online check-in from anywhere in the state, a practice introduced by the authorities to ensure the safety of customers during the coronavirus pandemic, which was in effect until April 3 this year. Now a bettor who wants to place bets must come to a betting shop and register there, after which he gets the opportunity to bet both from a mobile phone and from a personal computer. As My Lucky Story wrote, the US National Council on Problem Gambling reported on the main results of a large study of gambling in the country, one of which is that young players (under 35 years old) are more at risk than older ones. Earlier it was reported that scientists from Canada and the United States came to the conclusion that there is no direct connection between the opening of new casinos and the occurrence of problems with gambling among the population. Recall that in the United States they want to cancel the old federal law, which now gives offshore bookmakers an advantage over legal betting shops.

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