Poker Masters #08 $10,300 Hold’em Tournament Held with $1,040 Million Prize Pool

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Poker Masters #08 $10,300 Hold’em tournament took place yesterday with 104 participants. They provided the tournament with a prize pool of $1.040 million. There were 16 players in the ITM zone. They received the minimum payout of $20,800. Tournament prizes were received by such professional poker players as Mike Watson, Chris Hunniken, Benjamin Rolle, Sami Colopuro. Russian-speaking players also participated in Poker Masters #08: Artur Martirosyan, Victor Malinovsky, Alexander Gears, Yuri Pasyuk, Alexei Boyko. But unfortunately, they all left the competition long before In the Money. The poker players who showed their best game that evening made it to the final. ME WSOP 2019 runner-up Dario Sammartino was the first to leave the final table and finished 8th in the tournament. It brought the Italian player $33,800. Then Alex Foxen and Timothy Adams left the tournament. Alex took $41k and finished 7th in Poker Masters #08, while Timothy got $52k and finished the event in 6th place. In fifth place was Juan Pardo. At the beginning of the game, he was the chip leader, but then he began to open with a stack of less than 12BB. At this time, the player even managed to enter post-flop. However, luck soon left the poker player and he left the game. Finn Elias Talviti failed to win twice in a row in the tournament. He was passed by Andras Nemeth, who then got a runner-runner flush and left Finn Elias Talviti in 4th place. When Andra Nemeth reached the top 3 of the tournament, he had a huge advantage over his opponents. They turned out to be Yoni Jokimainen and Sergi Reishak. However, further Team Pro PartyPoker Yoni became the chip leader after the distribution of the cooler. Sergi Reixak missed two more pots and left the tournament in 3rd place. The hands-up was dominated by the Finnish player , and Nemeth moved all-in with the rest of his stack, doubling it down. It happens that luck sometimes leaves the players at the most inopportune moment. So it happened with Nemeth. He bluffed a couple of times and lost his blinds. Hungarian poker player Yoni certainly took advantage of this and overtook his opponent, taking first place. Schedule of the next tournaments Fri, 17 April. Poker Masters #11: OOP 6-Max $10,300 Fri, April 17th. Poker Masters #12: NL 6-Max $10,300 Saturday April 18th Poker Masters #13: NL 8-Max, $10,300 Saturday April 18th Poker Masters #14: NL 6-Max $10,300 Sun April 19th Poker Masters #15: NL 8-Max $10,300 Sun April 19, Poker Masters #16: NL 6-Max, $10,300 Monday, April 20, Poker Masters #17: PLO 6-Max $10,300 Monday, April 20, Poker Masters No. 18: NL 6-Max $10,300 Tuesday 21 April Poker Masters No. 19: 8 LTL, max $25,500 Tuesday 21 April Poker Masters No. 20: NL 6-Max $10,300 Wed 22 April Poker Masters #21: NL 8-Max $25,500 Wed Apr 22 Poker Masters #22: NL 6-Max $10,300 Thursday Apr 23 Poker Masters #23: PLO 6-Max $25,500 Thursday Apr 23 Poker Masters #24: NL 6-Max $10,300 Friday, April 24th Poker Masters #25: NL 8-Max, $25,500 Friday, April 24th, Poker Masters #26: NL 6-Max $10,300 Sat April 25th Poker Masters #27: NL 8-Max $25,500 Sat Apr 25 Poker Masters #28: NL 6-Max $10,300 Sun Apr 26, Poker Masters #29: NL 8-Max GL EVENT $51,000 Sun April 26, Poker Masters #30: NL 6-Max, $10,300
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