PokerStars introduced 6+ Hold’em players

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The largest poker room PokerStars has introduced a new online format to users – 6+ Hold’em. Made popular by major poker tournaments, no-limit short-deck hold’em has appeared in the site’s lobby.

The new game in the Short Deck format is played with a short deck of 36 cards at 6Max tables and has fundamental differences in making winning combinations compared to the classic version. In particular, in 6+ hold’em, a flush is considered higher than a full house, and in a low straight, an ace replaces a five. Currently, at PokerStars you can join the game without choosing a table with buy-ins from 4 to 40,000 dollars in a special tab on the site. Also, site users can watch the development of events at one of the active tables. The new format is also available for the Russian-speaking audience at PokerStars Sochi. Short Deck No Limit Hold’em took off in 2018 at major live tournaments in prestigious series including Triton Poker, WSOP Europe, Poker Masters. The format has been praised by professionals and amateurs alike for its spectacle. On the Internet, some poker rooms have already included 6+ Hold’em in the list of available games in the lobby. This format is already featured on Titan Poker, PokerKing Asia, PokerDom and other sites.

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