Polish authorities adopt amendments in favor of licensed operators

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At a meeting of the lower house of the Polish Parliament, several amendments to bills on the regulation of gambling were adopted in order to facilitate the activities of gambling operators with a license and complicate the existence of illegal companies. Particular attention was paid to holding online and live poker tournaments. Now the organizer of any of them will be obliged to report in detail to the regulatory body not only on the size of the cost of entry, the amount of prize money and tax payments, but also to provide information about the participants. An actual proposal has been made to lift the ban that has existed since 2016, which does not allow opening a casino with permits where an illegal gambling establishment previously functioned. If the amendments are approved and adopted in Poland, an official black list of illegal operators will appear, and only the regulator will be able to make data and changes to it. The registry will be online for anyone to access. Some statistics – the state-owned Polish operator Totalizator Sportowy brought $310 million in taxes in 2020 and subsidized $290 million from its own profits. We also recall that in March 2021, the Greentube online game developer company signed an agreement with the Polish bookmaker Total Casino in order to open an international-level online casino.

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