Portuguese gambling houses exempt from tax until 2022

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Information has appeared that all land-based casinos in Portugal are exempt from taxation until the end of the current 2021. The reason for this relief from the Portuguese authorities was the difficult situation for the entertainment industry associated with the pandemic. Another step towards Portuguese gambling is the decision to automatically extend until 2020 the licenses previously obtained by gambling operators, whose validity period has expired. These casinos include Figueira da Foz, Lisboa and Estoril. It also became known that the country’s authorities may reconsider their decision on previously planned tenders scheduled for 2023 for permits for gambling houses owned by the two largest operators in Portugal – Solverde and Estoril-Sol. The specialists noted that according to the results of the past 2020, income from gambling establishments almost halved compared to the same period in 2019 and amounted to just under 160 million euros. Earlier, My Lucky Story informed its readers that at the beginning of May 2021, the authorities of Spanish Barcelona approved new requirements for the placement of gambling establishments in the city. Meanwhile, in Manila, quarantine requirements are being tightened and land-based casinos will remain closed until mid-May.

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