Possible superiority of the gambler in advanced games against the casino

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To begin with, let’s look at the definition of what an adventive game is and what kind of games of chance fit this meaning. Advantage game, translated from English advantage, means a game with a player’s advantage over the casino. It is measured and indicated as a percentage, which is the opposite of the concept of Casino Advantage – where the gambling house has superiority. In order to get such a mathematical advantage, the player will need not only desire – it takes time, sometimes hundreds of played games can go through to achieve the desired result. You also need endurance so as not to “break loose” and not deviate from the desired strategic plan during a period of negative results, and it happens even with a perfectly calculated strategy. Note that the size of such a mathematical advantage is usually not very large – it can range from 0.1 to two percent.

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What is an advancing game An advancing game is called some games against the casino, in which the player can count on his certain mathematical (potentially positive) superiority. The definition comes from the English word Advantage – advantage or superiority, as already reported above. It can be achieved only with strict adherence to the strategy or rules of the game. It is no longer a secret for anyone that gambling houses, introducing and offering their own rules for gambling, calculate everything in such a way as to maintain their superiority over the player. Depending on the game chosen and the house itself, the Casino Advantage can range from 0.5 percent in Black Jack to a hefty 29 percent in a game like Keno. As you understand, it definitely cannot be called adventive. Advantageous games against the casino But there are games in which the player has a chance to equalize his potential advantage with the level of the casino, or at least slightly reduce the percentage of Casino Advantage. It is the games with the greatest calculation difficulties that are adventive. The presence of such opportunities has led to the emergence of players who can safely be called professionals. They go to the casino as if they were going to work, strictly following their clear strategies. Of course, gambling houses have already learned to identify these people and are trying to protect themselves from them, sometimes forbidding advancers to visit their establishments. But in fact, they do not pose a particular danger to the casino budget. The house can always count on a good profit from guests who come to have fun, and those who want to get their mathematical advantage, but cannot realize it at the gambling table. The most striking example of an adventive game – a game with a potential mathematical superiority of the player over the casino – is Blackjack in some of its variations, the size of the player’s superiority here is at least 0.1 percent, and the maximum is one and a half percent. In second place in terms of advantage is poker, more precisely, some types of poker with an advantage limit of 0.1 to 2 percent. Note that in order to achieve the superiority of the player over the casino, the player must strictly adhere to a special strategy. Nonadvantage games Here everything is reversed. If most of the adventive games are games with a minimal chance of a mathematical miscalculation, then non-advantage games are those in which the mathematical Casino Advantage is easily calculated. However, these include casino games that have not lost their popularity for many decades: Roulette: American with a house edge of 2.63 to 7.89 percent, French and European – from 1.35 to 2.7 percent both; Craps is a dice game with Casino Advantage from a minimum of 1.36% to a maximum of 16.67 percent, depending on the type of bet; Keno is probably the most non-advantage game – here the size of the mathematical superiority of the gambling house is from 25 to 29 percent; A casino war or Casino War in which the base (average) house edge is 8.41 percent. Advancer – a professional player The definition of an advancer is derived from the very name of an adventive game. This is the name of a special “kind” of gamblers who specialize in certain games and literally bring their game to perfection. Advancers know all possible complex strategies and always stick to them. We draw simple conclusions – advancing has nothing to do with luck and is not available to a beginner – in order to get such an advantage over the casino, you need to study the existing strategies of a particular game for a long time and painstakingly, practice, and only after that, you will be able to look at the house through the eyes of a real advancer. One of the most popular advancers can be considered a group of students from MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who have been beating casinos in Black Jack for many years, thanks to their calculations and strategies. NewsofGambling spoke about this in an article about the most striking robberies and scams in the history of the casino. There is another type of player who also considers himself an advancer. These are people involved in bonus hunting – hunting for bonuses in online casinos and bookmakers. They believe that in this way they can increase their advantage over the game, but today the “technique has reached” to the point that gamblers who abuse bonuses are easily calculated. Other players believe in the advantage of bonuses that land-based or online casinos offer to their customers in the form of, for example, welcome promotions. So, for example, in the terminology of online gambling it is denoted as “Welcome bonus”, but here, more often than not, there are additional conditions. Other gambling houses may offer the player a cashback for losing – a situation in which at a certain point in the game the player has a chance to receive up to twenty percent of the amount lost. But experts still believe that this is done not in order to increase the advativity of the game, but for the sake of attracting customers.

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