Premier League return date confirmed

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You probably already noticed that the pandemic is slowly receding. Everything is back to normal, and football is no exception. For example, the date of the return of the Premier League has recently become known. Read more about this below. On May 25, a meeting of the executive committee of the Russian Football Union was held. The main question on it was the release date of the Premier League. As a result of the meeting, the official date was approved – June 21. The 23rd round of the Russian Premier League will begin on this day. Football players will finish the whole season in hardly a month. Thus, all Premier League games must end by July 22. During this period, each team will participate in 8 games. The 24th round of the league will be held on June 28, and the 25th – on June 1. It turns out that teams are given 2 days to rest between masts and prepare. Then the schedule will be just as tight. On July 5, football clubs will play the 26th round. Round 27 will be held on July 8, 28 -12, and 29 – 15 July. The last, round 30, will end on July 22. Before him, the teams will have more time for training and rest. Due to the fact that the athletes are waiting for the maximum load, the RFU Executive Committee allowed the use of 5 replacements, instead of the current 5. However, the Football National League Championship will still end ahead of schedule. In addition, professional football clubs “Rotor” and “Khimki” should go to the Premier League. But the last two teams from the league will move to the lower level of the division. As the Executive Committee of the RFU promises, the teams will play games at their stadiums. Therefore, most of the games will be held in Moscow. The city authorities will have to make great efforts to make fights as safe as possible for athletes and other participants in tournaments. Interestingly, in the same Brazil, where the number of cases is higher than in Russia, games and training will not resume soon. But in America, the opposite is true – in New York, the players are already training with might and main.
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