Reopens the casino that was the spy base in Campione d’Italia

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After three years of inactivity, the legendary casino in Campione d’Italia is reopening. The gambling house, which was closed in 2018 due to bankruptcy, is already recruiting employees among the residents of this city, whose authorities hope for a speedy restoration of the activity of the gambling establishment. The casino accepted players from 1933 to 2018. The operating license was issued to the gambling house by the government of the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, who was the head of the Italian government from 1922-1945. The institution, created during the First World War, masked the base of Italian spies who followed foreign diplomats. After that war, it continued to exist as a casino, attracting wealthy Europeans. My Lucky Story wrote that the Ukrainian authorities allowed the creation of a casino in the Chernivtsi hotel “Bukovyna”. As reported, in 2022, it is planned to open two new gambling houses in Oklahoma, which are being built by the Osage Indian tribe. Recall that the Bally gambling corporation bought a casino resort in Illinois for $120 million.

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