Replenishment of electronic wallets from the Mir card will be impossible

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For the safety of the bank’s customers, Mir holders will no longer be able to replenish their electronic wallets with it. The decision will come into force on April 27 this year. The second purpose of these protective measures is to counter illegal markets. Experts say that it is with the help of electronic wallets that shady bookmakers and online casinos conduct their activities prohibited in the Russian Federation. They hide from paying taxes, thereby causing significant damage to the country’s economy. There is another side to this seemingly correct decision – honest citizens who have nothing to do with any gambling can also face difficulties. In the current situation, legal transfers of funds abroad will become much more difficult. The fight against illegal casinos and lotteries is actively pursued by regulatory bodies and authorities in many countries of the world. Earlier, My Lucky Story published information that in the United States they would more intensively fight against illegal slot machines, and in Moldova they demanded from the authorities to block the operations of unlicensed online casinos connected with the accounts.

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