Residents of Germany are starting to play online casinos legally

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From the first of July of the current 2021, residents of Germany begin to play online casinos legally. This date was the start for German online gambling, thanks to a bill passed by the government.

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Recall that before the above date, online betting was the only permitted in the country, that is, it was only allowed to bet on sporting events on the Internet. To date, legal operators have been given the official opportunity to offer players online poker, slots and online casinos. It should be noted that on the eve of the adoption of the law on online gambling, the controversial issue of the difference in taxation of land-based gambling houses and online gambling industry operators was raised by the German gambling association. In the second decade of June this year, German operators of online slots and poker found out how much they would pay the state. The regulator also named the licensing conditions for online gambling operators in Germany.

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