Residents of the UK to buy the PlayStation 5 are allowed through the lottery

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In the UK, Currys, an electronics retailer, has set up a lottery for customers. In it, you need to win a place in the queue for the purchase of the Sony PlayStation 5 game console. To participate, customers must register on the Currys website, and the lucky ones must pay for the consoles within three days after receiving the winning message. If this is not done, the person is deprived of the right to purchase the toy. Esports market experts noted that there is a shortage of SPS 5 consoles in the world, the purchase of which in Foggy Albion is generally very difficult. Since the consoles are dismantled by resellers who stuff the price of this product. In addition, many set-top boxes are purchased by the British through the Internet or from suppliers, and you will not find them in ordinary stores during the day with fire. Recall that an American who won the lottery in Iowa received a huge check for one dollar. Earlier it became known that a resident of Australia, by a lucky chance, twice won the Gold Lotto lottery.

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