Retrenchment will save 18 million for Monte-Carlo SBM

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The next impact of the pandemic on the gambling business will be felt by the employees of the legendary Monte-Carlo SBM casino in Monaco. The restructuring program comes into force, which includes the reduction of staff by at least 277 employees. The casino has been open since 1863, more than 60 percent of its shares are owned by the state. Almost four and a half thousand people work within its walls, the first to be given the opportunity to “voluntarily leave” an adult, so to speak, personnel whose age exceeds 57 years. The plan was developed not only in order to save money during the COVID-19 epidemic, which by the way will amount to about 18 million euros, but also as an action to protect the life and health of the staff and, of course, casino guests. Monte-Carlo SBM always strives to maintain its status as the most prestigious and safe establishment. Due to restrictive measures to counter the pandemic, losses are incurred not only by foreign, but also by some Russian casinos, for example, the Primorye gambling zone met guests a quarter less than planned. And the current operator of Krasnaya Polyana, Domain LLC, suffered significant losses in 2020.

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