Russian bookmakers sponsor domestic sports

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Russian bookmakers are currently leaders in the field of financing domestic sports and sporting events.

Earlier, the government of the Russian Federation obliged bookmakers to significantly increase the number of sponsorship programs that will have to provide financial support to domestic sports. In turn, the President of the Association of Bookmakers Darina Denisova said that it is sponsorship that will help bookmakers significantly expand their opportunities: At the moment, our bookmakers have focused not only on promoting their brands, but also on proving that the bookmaker business is socially responsible. Now bookmakers receive just a huge number of new sponsorship offers, but they approach the study of received applications very carefully. Recall that the State Duma of the Russian Federation approved a bill that, after coming into force, will completely ban bets on youth sports events on sweepstakes and bookmakers. The draft law was proposed by deputies from the Liberal Democratic Party.

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