Russian Oleg Makarkin filed a lawsuit against the 1XStavka betting company

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A lawsuit against the betting company “1XStavka” was filed by a Russian living in the city of Krasnoyarsk – Oleg Makarkin. Starting in 2017, after watching advertisements in the media, he decided to place bets with this particular bookmaker. And he was sure that he was transferring his funds to a legal company. The total amount spent by the client on bets in 1XBet amounted to 3.6 million Russian rubles. Later, he learned that he had been a client of the “wrong” office all the time. Now Mr. Makarkin intends to return his money through the court, arguing that the advertisement misled him, since the brand is used not only by official, but also by shadow bookmakers banned in Russia. Claims are also exposed to several payment systems. Lawyers defending the better declare their intention to collect also a class action lawsuit from all affected clients of the illegal 1Xbet. Earlier, My Lucky Story reported that in May 2021, the First Self-Regulatory Organization of Russian Bookmakers lost a lawsuit with the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. Another high-profile trial is known – Sergei Lapochkin, who has been suspended from refereeing, is preparing an appeal together with the Russian Federation of Sports in response to the decision of UEFA – the Union of European Football Associations.

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