Russian political scientist proposed to put online bets and online casinos on the same level

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The proposal to equate the status of online betting with online casinos came from a Russian political scientist, Mr. Maxim Petunin. According to the expert, both of these gambling options are equally accessible and can harm citizens who are prone to gambling addiction.

A letter with the initiative was sent to the current Prime Minister of the Russian Federation – Mikhail Vladimirovich Mishustin. Note that the activity of online casinos in Russia is completely prohibited and is illegal. At the moment, the authorities have already identified and blocked about thirty thousand resources. But the number of new banned gambling sites continues to increase. My Lucky Story previously published information that the government of the country is actively fighting online casinos and the measures taken include sanctions against financial organizations involved in money transfers to shadow gambling. So at the end of last month, the Central Bank of Russia canceled the license of the RFI-Bank for online casino money transfers. And at the beginning of June of the current 2021, RNCO Narat was closed in Kazan for similar reasons.

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