Russians will pay personal income tax on winnings through tax notices

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On the website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia, a message appeared about innovations regarding tax deductions for winnings in gambling. Previously, a citizen had to independently calculate the amount payable to tax and personally send a declaration in the 3-NDFL format to the tax service. What has changed – now fiscal deductions for “gambling” income will be made on the basis of a notification that a citizen will receive from the Federal Tax Service. A special column will indicate the amount of payments. Recall that the State Duma of the Russian Federation received an initiative from deputies to ban the signing of cooperation agreements and any kind of contracts between banks and other financial organizations with illegal gambling operators, casinos and lotteries. The authors of the document Khinshtein Alexander Evseevich from the United Russia faction and Zhigarev Sergey Alexandrovich from the LDPR faction. As My Lucky Story already reported, the officially operating Stoloto lottery is expanding – in April of this year, six thousand additional lottery ticket sales points were opened in the Russian Federation. And in order to combat illegal gambling, the Federal Tax Service will receive the authority to block sites involved in money transactions with shadow operators without a trial.

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