Scientists have not established the relationship between new casinos and problem gambling

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The opening of new casinos does not automatically increase the problems with gambling in the territory where gambling houses are located. This is the result of a group of scientists from the United States and Canada who have been studying this issue for five years. The study was conducted in the state of Massachusetts, where three new gambling establishments appeared, at least 3,200 volunteers took part. There is no direct connection between the creation of gambling houses and the emergence of problem gambling, experts found out. As My Lucky Story wrote, Irish scientists believe that the interest in gambling artificially caused by gambling companies and the illusion of easy winning are the main cause of gambling addiction. Earlier it was reported that the New York State Senate passed a draft law on a special training program for gamers, who will have to pass it before their data is deleted from the register of self-excluded. Recall that the US National Council on Problem Gambling published recommendations to state authorities, university administrations and bookmakers to prevent problems from gambling.

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