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Some people believe that betting is not for everyone, but for the elite. Especially the one that we will tell you about in this article. We bring to your attention a selection of funny bets and wagers, their authors and performers were able to surprise the public in one way or another and get into a kind of top news from the world of excitement, sports and even culture. We don’t think any of us will be surprised anymore by bets on the gender or name of the royal family’s child, the next club of some sports star, or the long-term relationship of some celebrity. Bets are made every day, but we will discuss unexpected and somewhat ridiculous disputes that result in big wins or a new name for the loser.

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The real taste of football – a bet on the bites of Luis Suarez Let’s start with a football curiosity – here we will have an original, but very famous defendant, and we will not talk about the final score of the match at all. Bookmakers accept bets on football events daily and hourly, the types of odds vary, but for such a special bet, separate quotes are needed. The world-famous boxer Mike Tyson started this unsportsmanlike behavior, I think everyone understood that we were talking about bites … So, the relay was taken over by the Uruguayan football player – striker Luis Suarez – he bit the Juventus defender during a match at the World Cup in 2014 Giorgio Chiellini, and it wasn’t the first time. Previously, the footballer has already received a punishment in the form of a long ban on participation in the game due to the fact that he did not just show his teeth … But it was this third bite that became the reason for one of the Norwegian bookmakers to start accepting bets with a coefficient of 175-1 on the fact that will this happen again. A book written on a bet – popularity and millions of copies The next story began in the distant 1960, but is alive and well today – we are talking about a small book in English called Green Eggs and Ham. Its author, Dr. Seuss, bet his publisher Bennett Cerf that he would write a book of 50 (different) words, note that the author’s previous work consisted of 225 words. So the book was not just written and published, it is still popular, in 2016, for example, the book was sold with a circulation of eight million copies. “Green Eggs and Ham” became the basis for the popular animated series and every year is included in the tops of educational and educational books for children. The book has taken its rightful place in modern American culture. A bet made on stability – the bet played in ten years In 2000, three series (soap operas Neighbours, EastEnders and Home and Away) will still be broadcast – these were the first three events, the fourth was his confidence that the world famous rock band U2 would not break up and the fifth point said that the pop star and Rock and Roll Cliff Richard will be awarded a knighthood by the Queen of England. Our better bet on all this so-called express train for only 50 dollars, and in 2000 he came for a win! This original bet has played! The lucky predictor received 320 thousand dollars instead of fifty bucks – you must admit, he made an excellent investment eleven years before. Ashley Revell’s favorite color – sold everything and bet on red. A story that is better not to tell too gambling people. Such luck is not just a rarity, it borders on fantasy. Immediately, we note that Mr. Ashley Revell, a lover of roulette, got into a television show after a single bet. But what!? Usually people lose their fortune and property after big losses, but our player was ahead of the curve, so to speak. He sold everything he owned, even his own house, and having raised $135,000, went to the entertainment capital of Las Vegas to spend all his money on a single bet. The bet was made in one of the local casinos and … one spin of the roulette and the bet “on red” doubled his fortune – Ashley Revell won 270 thousand dollars. This is the case when roulette became the most adventive game. Lose your name – how poker changes people This story is quite instructive, albeit a little comical. She did not bring financial losses to her hero, but she nevertheless arranged cardinal changes. A resident of New Zealand once played poker with his comrades – it was their long tradition, an unpleasant moment came when the player had nothing to bet, but really wanted to win back. The decision was made – friends suggested that he put his name – or rather, change, in case of loss, his real name to a new one with the condition that it will consist of 99 letters. The game was short, but the name became long! The New Zealander lost and fulfilled his part of the contract – he officially changed his name to, now get ready to read a lot “Full Metal Havok, more sexy and intelligent than Spock and all other superheroes along with Supernova” in English it sounds like “Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Other Superheroes Combined With Frostnova”. In this case, even the initials are not fast. But on the other hand, this unfortunate poker player kept his word. Size matters – a man ready to do anything to win Let’s start with the fact that the hero of this story is already a well-known man Brian Zembik – a professional magician, a Black Jack gambler and a rather successful lover of big bets. In 2005, he took part in the second season of the World Series of Blackjack. He also has his own professional nickname – “The Magician”. What happened to him in 1996 could give us reason to think that the person just really needed money, but no – it’s all gambling. His loudest bet or bet became both visible and tangible – Mr. Zembik, at the age of 35, put breast implants of the third size on a bet, and a year later – the condition of the bet was that the “wizard” should live with a new breast for 12 months – he received 100,000 US dollars, which is about 160 thousand today. Another interesting fact is that Brian literally won the operation – having beaten his plastic surgeon, a gambling acquaintance, several times in backgammon. We don’t know if this can be considered a good bet, but we note that after a year the chest remained in place. Tattoo with meaning – a rainbow on the shoulder for 550 thousand dollars Another spicy story about a spicy bet. Famous American streamer Jeff Gross made a decent fortune by playing and winning live poker tournaments – they brought him more than 3.2 million dollars, he earned an additional almost one and a half million in online tournaments. But his brightest or even rainbow bet is considered to be a tattoo with a rainbow on his shoulder, made on a bet, we will not remind who exactly uses this image as a symbol so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings … The bet was worth 550 thousand dollars, according to his condition the rainbow should remain on the body of a famous gambler forever. Well, in the end – the colors are beautiful there, and half a million dollars is not lying on the floor. Gambling has long been woven into our modern culture. Someone considers betting a losing business, some become famous bettors and earn millions on this business, but there are those that we told you about in our today’s article. The main thing is that all her heroes remained alive and relatively intact after their bets. But some of them are really reckless and could have dire consequences. We draw conclusions – in any case, you need to maintain common sense. Even if now you are carried away by excitement, direct it to a useful and safe channel for you.

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