“Shambhala” brought the budget of Primorye 95 million rubles

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Despite the difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Shambhala casino has achieved good results. At the end of 2020, almost 50,000 people visited the establishment, and the regional budget was replenished by 95 million rubles, 18 of which are taxes on the gambling business. According to the operator’s information, in the first three months since the opening of the Shambhala casino, 47,989 people have visited, and each guest comes to the establishment once every 3-4 weeks. Each of them, on average, spent 9,798 rubles – this is the cost of the game, and the services of bars and restaurants. According to the reports, in 2020, the Shambhala casino transferred more than 95 million rubles to the budget of the Primorsky Territory, of which 18 is a tax on the gambling business. This is despite the fact that during the pandemic, the Legislative Assembly of the region reduced the tax burden on the gambling business. The tax amounted to 50,000 rubles from each gambling table and 3,000 rubles from a slot machine. Previously, they were 125,000 and 15,000, respectively. Recall that the Russian gambling establishment Tigre de Cristal, also located in the Primorye gambling zone, after paying real estate taxes, recorded an increase in net profit, this is reported in the report of the main resident of the resort Summit Ascent Holdings Ltd.

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