Sick employees cause casino closure in Phnom Penh

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In early March of this year, more than ten people with coronavirus were identified among the staff of the NagaCorp gambling house. This was the reason for the temporary closure of the casino in Phnom Penh. Nearly 3,000 employees have been tested for COVID-19. After confirming the results and consulting with the Cambodian Ministry of Health, the casino management decided to stop its work for a while in order to protect its staff and guests of the establishment. Last year, NagaCorp, like all other entertainment facilities in Phnom Penh, were closed from April 1st to July 8th, as a general rule. These measures are taken to stop the spread of the disease. As for the financial side, NagaCorp, according to the data for the first month of autumn last year, almost caught up with the pre-Covid period of the casino. Operating in the gambling market since 2005, the casino-hotel continues to develop and has already planned the opening of the third major facility in NagaWorld. For his achievements in the industry in March 2018, the CEO and majority shareholder of NagaCorp, Cheng Lip Keon, was honored by Forbes. The magazine called him one of the most notable gambling magnates in the world.

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