Singles Legalization Act in Canada Approved and Enters into Force

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According to the Canadian media, the law that allows residents of the country to make singles, and, accordingly, allows bookmakers to accept these bets from the population, has received support and approval from the authorities.

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Recall that the relevant bill was adopted by Parliament on June 22 of the current 2021 and a week later was fully approved by the Canadian authorities. To date, the exact date of entry into force of the document has also been named, but experts expect that this will happen in the remaining half of 2021. Note that earlier in Canada, single bets were prohibited by law, and bettors could only place multiple bets on at least three sporting events. Another important detail is that innovations do not touch horse racing. As My Lucky Story previously reported – Canada differs from many countries in a very low percentage of people suffering from gambling addiction, that is, suffering from gambling addiction. It is known that the issue of legalizing sports betting in Canada was actively raised by MP David Cassidy back in November 2018. The politician stressed that this is an important step in the fight against shadow gambling and a good source for replenishing the local budget.

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