State Duma deputy commented on the prospects for creating a gambling zone in Crimea

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The Crimean gambling zone will be able to bring a very impressive profit to the treasury and attract new tourists to the region, as well as investors, said Anatoly Aksakov, chairman of the State Duma committee on the financial market.

Aksakov also noted that a new gambling and entertainment zone should be built in an area with poorly developed infrastructure. The official believes that a new entertainment facility should be created not on the southern coast, as planned, but in a place where there are problems with an increase in tourist flow: Vacationers will be able not only to have a good time and spend money on entertainment in Crimea, but it is also possible to earn them , playing in legal gambling establishments that may appear here. For example, casinos from Las Vegas annually bring good profits to both Nevada and the United States. We can also use this opportunity and replenish our budget. Recall that the authorities of Yalta signed a decree on the return of a plot of land in Katsiveli to the state property of the republic. According to the decision of the administration, it is in this village that the gambling and entertainment zone will be implemented.

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